Restoration of two Gigi Radice arm chairs, a loop in time

There was a posting of two armchairs in May. There was a flower pattern re-upholstering and they were in the Cortina area. Clearly these were two arm-chairs designed by Gigi Radice and made by Minotti in the 50s.

I was able to get there with a van in September, when I had another group of chairs to bring to the restoration facility.

Chairs were from a villa in the Dolomite Alps. A charming stone little village…. all pedestrian. Here Gabriele, my brother-in-law, resting a bit  before moving them to the van

Paolo, my restorer and upholsterer, as he saw the chairs, said he felt so old, because when he started working as a young kid he was making them!.

“I can prove it”, said smiling, I can see these two chairs has been upholstered over the original fabric, and it’s probably a red or blue “ciniglia” (candlewick, chenille fabric).

I took the scissor and….he was right. Here an original advertising of Minotti, there is no date but phone number had 4 digits…

Note at the bottom: Disegno arch. Gigi Radice not designer.

Unfortunately the original fabric was ruined and could not be kept. The fabric is not original, but the upholsterer is! I am amazed by coincidences of life.

I used a soft cotton/polyester velvet that I used for other tufted arm chairs. Old english rose color.

Very elegant.  A beautiful comfortable iconic mid-century modern arm-chair that would enhance any living room or studio.



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