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What a nice surprise. I received a whatsapp message from Gregory Frehling from Oggetti Design Miami with a congratulations and the photo of the Cinetico chandelier in situ. Which magasine was it adverised on? Architectural Digest!.

It’s not easy to find the right space for this chandelier.  Here Rachel interior design studio (here here web site address: really found the perfect spot. Great photography from Simon Upton ( this is also a privilege.

It has a window on the back and uses the space perfectly.

Article is written by Madeline O’Malley

Other link:

This one of my earlier chandelier design. I still have the prototype from 20 years ago. It was at the time a pioneer chandelier under many aspects. It used the ultimate technology of the time. Laser cut for the metal structure and water-jet cut for the glass. I remember going to Effetre International to select the glass pressed sheets and cutting the glass at the late lamented Fido shop, who had the first waterjet in use in the Venetian area for artistic use with a green video and manual placing of the glass.

Now the laser cut is 10 times faster and uses a plasma laser and the water-jet scans the slab and adjusts the shapes with AI to get the best use of the space!

The new version has a controlled movement by using slots on the joints and it allows gentle movements. The now available bi-pin Led bulbs have reduced dramatically the driver size and the amp need.






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